Using Quizlet in the classroom.

What is quizlet?

Quizlet is a free website providing learning tools for students, including flashcards, study and game modes.

How do I set up and use quizlet?

  1. Visit www.quizlet.com  on your computer or search for Quizlet in your app store. (phone or tablet)
  2. You can sign up for an account in the upper right hand corner of the site or use your Facebook or Google plus account to login.
  3. You can upgrade to a teacher class to monitor your students and get rid of ads on your class sets.
  4. You can have your students type in their own terms, you can type them and share with your class, or they can search the terms that are already on Quizlet.
  5. Once you make a set on Quizlet, your students can study it 6 different ways!

a)    Flashcards familiarize students with new material. (online or they can print them)

b)    Learn tests their knowledge of the subject.

c)    Speller speaks words in 18 languages and corrects students on their mistakes.

d)    Test generates a graded quiz with a custom format.

e)    Scatter the terms and definitions on the screen and put them back together.

f)     Space Race shots a term across the screen while you type the definition.

  1. Students can study on their own at home or on Mobile apps. There are also PDF printing options.
  2. Use the following URLs if you need help with your account:





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